Developed by physical
therapists and athletic trainers
specifically to help
you excel and advance in
your field, use this app to
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educate your patients, and
strengthen your position
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decision maker.
An affordable patient education system and therapeutic exercise study tool in one
With over 650 high-quality videos encompassing all areas of physical rehabilitation, balance, strengthening, flexibility, and manual therapy REHAB PLUS equips your entire organization with a consistent assessment, planning, and patient education tool that practitioners, students and educators will value!
No subscription costs, no usage fees – REHAB PLUS is simply a low-cost, one-time app purchase available through the Volume Purchasing Program designed to give your entire staff access to a full line of professional-quality “how-to” videos for each specific rehabilitation technique and exercise.

Rehab Plus is:
REVOLUTIONARY PATIENT EDUCATION. Ensure patients’ comprehension and follow-through on individual exercises simply by grouping instructional videos into a playlist, adding your instructions, and clicking “send.” Your patient receives an email with a link to his or her personalized exercise program viewable securely online via any device with a browser, with nothing to buy, download, or install – ever!
  • Searchable exercises are correlated to body region, injury, condition, and more
  • Quickly build playlists and rehabilitation plans from a full database of therapeutic techniques
  • Deliver a consistently superior patient education experience across your organization
  • Elevate compliance and improve outcomes even among your most challenging rehabilitation patients
THE PERFECT STUDY TOOL FOR TODAY’S LEARNERS. Add clear video instruction to your lessons, and then encourage students to review the same videos before exams as an affordable study tool that reinforces clinical skills and proficiencies.
  • Switching the app to “educator mode” allows students to draft and send case study rehabilitation plans and progressions directly to the instructor
  • Evaluate students’ critical thinking skills applied to real-life scenarios
  • Students learn techniques using the same professional app they’ll carry with them into clinicals
  • Available as part of the Volume Purchasing Program for educational discounts on 20+ copies and organization-wide content management
Take advantage of Volume Purchasing!
Volume Purchasing gives you the ability to distribute REHAB PLUS to your entire organization, enabling any member of the rehabilitation care team to have the same level of expert access to hundreds of instructional technique videos.
  • Buy multiple copies using a purchase order (PO) or corporate credit card
  • Grant or revoke access to specific users in your organization as needed
  • Educational institutions are eligible for volume discounts on quantities of 20 or more copies
Ideal for small clinics, high schools and therapeutic exercise classes
REHAB PLUS is a full-featured, institutional version of our profession-specific apps, AT Plus and PT Plus, which comes complete with the full set of all video libraries otherwise sold separately. To see REHAB PLUS in action, download the free trial version of either of AT Plus or PT Plus. When you buy REHAB PLUS for your program, you automatically gain full access to each of these video libraries all in a single, searchable app:
115 videos, including BESS, wobble board, BOSU and resisted exercises demonstrate therapeutic exercises and techniques help patients regain postural stability, core stability and balance
135 videos including passive, dynamic and Pilates, focus on helping patients maintain, improve or regain a non-restricted range of motion.
140 detailed videos walk you through thorough essential manual therapy skills and techniques, from joint mobilization to traction, PNF, soft tissue mobilization, and massage.
275 videos demonstrate exercises for regaining strength for all joints, including aquatic exercise, plyometrics, and power lifts.
Purchase all four video collections at a special discounted price to ensure you always have full access to the complete collection of rehabilitation practice videos.
Rely on Van Brien’s RH+ series to bring reference-shelf quality information to your mobile device. We bring today’s technology to the practice setting to help you gain new insights and speed your patients toward better outcomes.
Bill Prentice, PhD, ATC, PT, FNATA is a well-known author, educator, and experienced clinician. He has been a Professor and Coordinator of the Sports Medicine Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for more than 30 years. Amanda Andrews Benson, PhD, ATC, LAT is the Department Chair and Program Director for Athletic Training Education at Troy University. Linda Stark Bobo, PhD, ATC, LAT is the Athletic Training Program Director at Stephen F. Austin State University.
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